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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  April 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight, under review as congress angles to get involved, iran says the u.s. isn't telling the truth about details of a nuclear deal. at easter mass pope francis praises the agreement and calls for an end to renewed global violence against christians. california's historic drought, unprecedented water cutback, for some, nothing has changed. strong reaction after france moves to ban ultra thin fashion models. and frank the tank and bo ryan the engines behind wisconsin's epic red run. captioning sponsored by cbs >> this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i am jeff glor, with a western edition of the broadcast.
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questions and controversy today over the framework nuclear deal with iran, it is the first full week of the date after that agreement was reached on thursday, and we start with julianna goldman in washington d.c. >> i am not trying to kill any deal. i am trying to kill a bad deal. >> reporter: making the rounds on american television, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he's urging congress to either change the nuclear deal with iran or gut it. >> iran will have billions of dollars flowing to its coffers not for schools or hospitals or roads, but to pump up its worldwide terror machine and its military machine which is busy conquering the middle east as we speak. >> reporter: with an interview with new york times columnist thomas friedman president obama had this message for the israeli people. >> number one, this is our best bet by far to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. and two, we will be doing, even as we do under this deal is sending a very clear message to iran and the entire region if anybody messes with israel
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america will be there. >> reporter: the deal cut's iran nuclear capabilities in terms of lifting the international sanctions that crippled its economy but since negotiators returned home they have been telling different versions of what they agreed to; iran says sanctions will end immediately once the deal is finalized, the u.s. says the process will be gradual. after tweeting that the american description of the deal was spin, foreign minister javad zarif went on iranian tv saturday and says he's formally complained to secretary of state john kerry. but u.s. officials say the differences are strategic, with each country trying to sell the deal back home. energy secretary ernest moniz one of the lead u.s. negotiations, insists the u.s. version is correct. >> on supervisions, on sanctions, i will make it very very clear, the sanction relief really kicks in only when they have complied with the core nuclear restrictions.
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>> reporter: in the "new york times" interview the president said the deal is far from finished and cited political difficulties in congress. jeff, the white house is furiously working behind the scenes to, scenes to sell this deal to lawmakers. they are kicking up legislation that would give a vote on any iran deal and democrats signed onto it although the white house threatened to veto. >> glor: juliana thank you very much. pope francis commented deal and more today, as he celebrated easter mass at the vatican. here is allen pizzey. >> reporter: thousands packed state peters square for easter mass and a message from pope francis that was as grim as the weather. persecution of christians has been on the catholic calendar. the mass was as colorful as ever but his urbi et orbi, francis made particular mention of the massacre of students at a
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university in kenya this week, a catalog of strife and conflict was a who's killing who around the world. he called for peace in syria and a iraq, that the flow of arms may cease and that the international community not stand by before the humanitarian tragedy. francis named yemen, sudan and nigeria where boko haram has targeted christians and the democratic republic of congo in the list of prayers for peace as well as ukraine and the israeli- palestinian conflict. on a more positive note francis said he hoped the nuclear deal reached with iran may be a definitive step toward a more secure and fraternal world. unusually, there were no stops to kiss babies and embrace the faithful when he did his popemobile tour of st. peter's square. equally noteworthy in light of his theme of christians being targets, security was at its usual low level, francis it seemed, was more concerned with
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ending his arduous week on the same note that he wished the faithful: a happy easter. allen pizzey, cbs news, rome. >> glor: we are learning more about the attack on 148 people at the university of kenya. reports today say government troops did not respond for hours. debora patta is in nairobi. >> reporter: easter was celebrated in churches around the country. only this sunday, police were stationed outside places of worship to protect those who had come to pray. but the heightened security has come too late for grieving families. tears are turning to anger. they want to know why it took kenya's anti-terror crack squad nearly ten hours to get to garissa university on the day of the attack. dr. jane omwenga lost a nephew
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in the slaughter of 148 students at garissa. >> somebody in government failed. the people in charge of security should be able to tell us what happened, what went wrong. >> reporter: western governments also issue travel advisories about possible terror attacks in kenya. and garissa university sent their students letters warning of a threat but took no additional security measures. >> i am angry, i am very angry. >> reporter: angry, yes. but kenya's foreign affairs minister amina mohamed stopped short of saying who should be held accountable. >> fighting terrorism is like being a goalkeeper, nobody remembers the 100 saves. people only remember the one goal that went through. >> reporter: when pressed for an answer, the minister refused to discuss it further. >> we need some understanding,er we need some security, we have to mourn, people are dead, people are injured. this discuss can go to another day. >> reporter: dr. omwenga doesn't want to wait for answers. >> if people can come and carry out a massacre on innocent girls
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and boys it means the security was not enough. >> reporter: although al-shabaab is based in somalia, i can't many of its members are recruited and radical a lied in kenya, the night before the attack, the killers slept comfortably at a well-known local hotel, and a one of the garissa attackers has now been identified, he is no foreign somali invader but a home ground killer, the law school educated son of a local government official. debora patta, cbs news, nairobi, kenya. >> glor: the world's largest particle accelerator is back in action tonight, the large hadron collider had been down for two years of upgrades, what is the large. the scientists are using it to create reactions in physics so intense, they hope to get a first ever glimpse of the universe's dark matter. >> when california's governor
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ordered the water in some wealthy neighbors the grass is still green and growing. here is omar villafranca. >> reporter: living the california dream takes a lot of money, it also takes a lot of water. a ucla study finds wealthy neighbors use three times more water than other southern california cities, stephanie conducted the study. >> we found overall, about 50% if not more of water is used on outdoor irrigation. >> reporter: bigger house, bigger lawn, more water use. >> more water and they can afford it. >> reporter: right now, beverly hills does not-- residents have only been asked to turn off decorative fountains and stopped hosing down driveways, voluntary measures that don't get them to the state-wide mandate of 25%. but beverly hills may soon look very different. the city is planning to cut private consumption through strict enforcement. rick silva patrols wealthy neighborhoods for the department of water and power, and
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generally finds homeowners unmoved by the drought problem. >> i'm gonna send you a letter about the watering days and it is informational. >> in the future when you start reducing the days that means more days that no one is allowed to irrigate and enforcement gets a lot easier and we get theth message out more because there is going to be more violations written up. >> reporter: in orange county, the well-heeled are making their own concession to the new normal. they are using scuba divers to fix cracks and leaks in their pools, and don't have to drain the water. he owns this pool service. >> on this particular pool we are looking at 12, 15,000 gallons of water, some will be 12, 20, 30,000-gallons of water that is wasted to do a repair. >> reporter: but the water shortage is an issue money alone can't solve. omar villafranca, cbs news. >> glor: when wisconsin beat kentucky, it was technically an
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upset, but not everyone was. this is the greeting they got in the hotel in indianapolis, wow they were not, they won't have much time to celebrate. they will play again tomorrow night in the final. >> reporter: heading into last night's game wisconsin coach bo ryan told his players this was a prize fight. his team came out swinging, then with less than two minutes left with the score tied at 60, they delivered a knockout punch. a three-pointer from junior sam dekker and a prominent lead. >> when it left my hand i knew it was done, i was looking for a good look like that all night. >> reporter: kentucky's dream season was over and frustration leaked out. >> harrison used a profanity about wisconsin store frank kaminsky. >> harrison quickly apologized kaminsky today. >> yes, we talked about it over, nothing needs to be made out of it. >> kominski keeps it cool off
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the court, the sophomore admitted goofball is a laid-back teammate, whether dancing to taylor swift or posing in a throwback letter sweater. but there is a strong drive by a former underdog. back in high school, people are considered better than me and that kind of irritated me, it drove me to be a better player so i am happy i have that competitive drive and that competitive nature. >> reporter: they will compete for the top title monday night but coach bo ryan says it will be the same wisconsin team. >> we are who we are. we play the way we play, and we are sure happy with it, so we can live with that. >> reporter: and it is coach bo ryan's first ever title match. while he has won multiple division three titles, he never had a chance to compete for the national championship. >> glor: ann werner, thank you. the debate grows over plans to ban the use of ultra thin fashion models in france. and prince harry in a world war
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non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. >> glor: the french senate is set to debate a new bill that fashion industry, they have long been criticized for using potentially unhealthy models. now some could go to prison for it. charlie d'agata explains. >> reporter: if wafer-thin models have long been the industry standard, industry standards in the catwalks and catalogs of paris have been the super-skinny standard bearer but french lawmakers said enough, they are proposing that hiring dangerously thin or undernourished models should a crime. ultra-thin models would be required to prove a minimum weight for their height through a medical certificate and periodic weigh-ins.
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it's not just about protecting models, but teenagers, said parliment member olivier veran when you have web sites telling you to ingest cotton balls and let them swell up to block your appetite, we have a problem. >> reporter: model and campaigner emme said it's about time similar laws are passed in the united states. >> it will help a lot of young people see more diversification of beauty and relax them in being driven for this ultimate thinness that is very, very dangerous. >> reporter: dangers made real by french model isabelle caro who became the face skeletal bold of an anti-anorexia campaign in 2007, which she told cbs news she saw herself-- >> as a skeleton. but, but i went on the road to recovery. >> reporter: she died three years later. the new laws are a part of a broader package meant to combat
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anorexia, those caught breaking them could be hit with $80,000 fine and imprisonment. the law faces several votes ahead and if passed will only pertain to france but outlawing the ultra-thin in such a fashion capital will send shock waves throughout the entire capital. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> glor: the matriarch of the famous flying wallendas has died, jenny with a with a survived a harrowing childhood in world war ii berlin, only to tempt death time and time again as a high wire walker taking after her father karl, in later years she became an advocate for circus performers. jenny wallenda was 87 years old. and baseball is ready, the renovations at wrigley are not. >> stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections.÷ some serious infections require hospitalization.
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>> glor: major league baseball is back tonight with the cubs hosting the cardinals at historic wrigley field, wrigley is undergoing a four-year $575 million renovation, which has it not quite ready for prime time. here is chris martinez of our chicago station w.b.b.m. >> reporter: winter-wary baseball fans are ready for opening night.dw but the midwest's baseball
6:21 pm
cathedral, wrigley field opened for business during a massive makeover is far from ready for its close-up. >> not having the bleachers isch definitely not a good thing today but they will be back. >> reporter: wrigley's famed bleachers were torn down last october, since then a harsh winter, a chicago-style legal battle and inevitable construction delays made a mess of things. the left-field bleachers won't be open until next month and the seats won't be ready until next june, over the dormant ivy colored wall is debris equipment and gaping holes where seats are supposed to be. >> it would have been great for opening the day to be 100% done and the construction pushback is going to have with the nasty winter we had. >> reporter: the outfield holes are covered with tarps decorated with memorable moments in the career of ernie banks, "mr. cub" who died in january, there are supposed to be seeing tremendous
6:22 pm
new video boards, the one in left field is ready to go tonight, but work on the other one right field will start in court. business owners say the new video boards block their bird eye view and will force them to close, they say a revenue sharing agreement with the cub prohibits teams from blocking their views but on thursday a federal judge denied their request to stop construction most cubs fans are taking the setbacks in stride. >> i have to give them credit for at least trying to get it together. >> reporter: when you have been waiting since 1908 to celebrate your next world series championship, the delays are just part of the game. chris martinez cbs news, chicago. >> glor: prince harry took a bit of a joyride recently, newly released footage shows him taking the controls of a world war ii spitfire fighter plane. celebrated the anniversary of when they started helping veterans. it arrived in sydney today for a one-month stint with the australian army.
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i love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. >> glor: we close tonight with a story of renewal. the police force in camden, new
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jersey was in such rough shape two years ago it was disbanded. now it's being praised as an example of good policing. here is jericka duncan. >> once upon a time, there was a little old lady-- >> reporter: when officer matias reads to kindergartners each she i week she is establishing a connection she hopes will extend beyond the classroom. >> when i was growing up i didn't have anything like a police officer visit any type of program. >> reporter: matias patrols the streets of north camden on foot. >> hello, hello. >> reporter: checking in on neighbors-- >> hello, how are you doing today sir? >> reporter: --and greeting people. it is an attitude many in this community are still getting used to. in 2012 camden was known as america's most dangerous city after a record 67 homicides, and in a city with fewer than 77,000 people. as a result, in 2013, camden eliminated its entire police force, plagued with corruption
6:27 pm
and budget cuts and replaced it with a new one, run by the county. here is scott thompson. >> the organization that we created was one in which a culture from day one was that all officers would be guardians, and not warriors. >> reporter: a total of 411 officers were hired up from 250, there are now fewer squad cars and desk jobs which means more boots on the ground. last year, homicide dropped 42% and the average response time to 911 calls is now less than five minutes, down from more than 60 minutes three years ago. >> and it is as if you don't want to let somebody down who you trust. >> reporter: 20-year-old jeremy lopez has been living here his whole life and notices as difference. recently his family called police because of a neighborhood dispute. >> reporter: i swear six squad cars came. >> within a matter of minutes?
6:28 pm
>> reporter: within like maybe ten minutes, max. this pastor leads a congregation of about 500. what is it about community policing that has really made a difference in camden specifically? >> i think it is the heart of your chief, i mean you have a heart, and that spreads through your crew. >> great job. >> reporter: as for officer matias, eliminating violence starts with earning the trust of her community. >> which is why she will continue to read to the next generation, that has the power to change camden's story-line, jericka duncan, cbs news camden, new jersey. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight, later on cbs "60 minutes". i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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da live tease and the bay area loses a broadcasting legend. remembering baseball hall-of- famer lon simmons. kpix 5 news is next. a gruesome discovery inside a hoarde
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been there -- for years. good evening, i'm maria medina -- in for ann notarangelo. a gruesome discovery inside a boarded up house. a mummified body that has


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